Neil Haynes has been Crafting Musical instruments for over 20 years. He went to college to learn the wood working trade and found his skills lay in fine precision wood working and as such became an excellent cabinet maker priding himself on perfection.

His passion for music has been apparent since he was six years old when he started playing instruments and has remained with him ever since. He is a keen musician and also has an exceptional ear for music and tone. Combining his love for wood and woodworking with his passion for music was the logical progression for Neil.

Neil has worked alongside other talented luthiers over the years and has been honing his skills making many fine instruments.

Neil was in a great position to set up Haynes Guitars and share his instruments with the wider public – even the world!

Building Custom Guitars

The passion for wood and musical instrument making is clear to see in all of the Haynes Guitars and Basses. Haynes Guitars offers customised hand built instruments. It may be a classic Telecaster or Les Paul Style guitar built to your exact requirements. It may alternatively be a customised guitar or bass from the Haynes own range.

You can get the instrument you have always wanted but never quite been able to find off the peg at a music shop.

We use the best quality hardware and timber. This is a top priority on all Haynes Guitars and Basses.Neil works closely with his customers to put all the fine details together in order to produce a one off hand built instrument.

Ring or email us about your ideas for your ideal instrument. We can work together to produce working drawings and 3D drawing models of your Guitar or Bass.

We can advise and talk through body shapes and neck profiles. Then the types of woods, pickups, hardware selection, and finishing options to get you your own customised instrument, a one off to your specification.

You could start the idea rolling by filling out one of our custom build spec sheets or by simply calling us.